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The Llanelli Borough Council's Draft Outline Management Plan for Pembrey Saltings was recently circulated and interested bodies' comments invited. By and large the document proposes sound and commendable management objectives and is to be applauded but the principal question, that of the fate of the scenic road

and car park, is not satisfactorily dealt with. The Welsh Office, in their discontinuance order, required the removal of these works but the Borough's Plan suggests three alternatives, none of which proposes to dispense with them. The Llanelli Naturalists' view, in common with that of the other conservation bodies involved, is that the road and car park should be mechanically ripped and covered with sand derived from the beach below the strand-line and then be allowed to recolonise naturally by the adjacent duneland fauna and flora. Other recommendations made by the Society which include amplifications of suggestions made in the Draft Plan are:

The provision of a strong, well-informed wardening service backed-up by appropriate by-laws which would also serve to discourage illegal motor-cycling.

The encouragement of interested visitors to use the adjacent car park within the Country Park as an alternative to the reinstated saltings car park. Interpretive material would be displayed here.

A management committee comprising representatives of interested local groups and other individuals to be established and maintained.

The checking and destruction of undesirable alien flora.

Fencing along the western and northern boundaries to exclude motor-cyclists as suggested in the Draft Plan would not only be an eye-sore but is probably unnecessary and wasteful of resources bearing in mind the initial cost and repair of damage due to vandalism as long as a strong wardening service is maintained.

There is still another discussion stage to go through before the Local Nature Reserve designation process can progress. It is obviously in everyone's interests that agreement is reached by all parties thus avoiding the need for a public inquiry. I must stress again that the Borough has come a long way to meeting the wishes of the naturalists and local people and they are to be congratulated. It would be a great pity, however, if the road and car park were to become an insurmountable stumbling-block at this late stage.

Following my comment on the demise of old wooded colliery tips in the last Newsletter, two very fine examples have been lost in the Ammanford area. One is the 'classic' example always cited in this context - that adjacent to the railway at Pantyffynnon. The other has been the subject of several applications for coal recovery over the last few years and is situated adjacent to the Loughor upstream of Tirydial. What is your feeling on this matter - do you think that similar remaining tips should be conserved?

I should like to draw your attention to the Dyfed Wildlife Trust prospectus enclosed with this Newsletter. The DWT does a great deal to promote wildlife conservation throughout Dyfed and, of course, the Llanelli Naturalists work hand in glove with the Trust. Local reserves include Ffrwd Fen, Pembrey (owned jointly by both bodies) and the magnificent Dinefwr Castle Woods at Llandeilo. To purchase more reserves, including more sites in southeast Dyfed, the Trust needs your help and support and I urge you to become members to ensure that the county's rich wildlife resource is maintained. The Trust's Director, Mr. David Saunders, will be giving a lecture to the Society later in the year.

The programme, covering the period to March 1991, is printed on the back-cover of this newsletter and includes talks by a number of eminent local naturalists. Your presence at these meetings would be appreciated! Please also particularly support the working party to remove invasive scrub from the Cranberry bog at

Cencoed Uchaf on 29th September. Delays permitting, the next Newsletter will appear in early December. Please continue to send in your contributions by mid November to the Hon. Editor (Mr. I.K. Morgan, but please ensure that they are legible, preferably typed.