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PRESENT: I.K. Morgan (Chairman), R.D. Pryce (Secretary), Mrs. D. Hopkins (Treasurer), and 12 members.

APOLOGIES: Dr. G. Hutchinson, Messrs. Doug Williams and Denys Williams.

The MINUTES of the 1989 Annual General Meeting were adopted.

MATTERS ARISING. Mr. J.R. Ellis asked whether any action had been taken over the Upper Lliedi badger-digging case reported last year. Mr. M.H. Williams regretted that the local police had been unhelpful and the matter had not been pursued. Mr. G.D.V. Williams requested that any future case should be referred to him for advice.

CHAIRMAN'S STATEMENT: The Chairman opened by thanking the Society's officers and committee members for their services over the year. He particularly mentioned Mrs. M. Williams who has served as programme secretary for the last ten years or so and has asked to stand down due to other pressing commitments: it would be difficult to find such an efficient replacement. He went on by expressing disappointment that more members do not seem to be able to find the commitment to help in running the affairs of the Society: if more could become involved the Society could be represented over a wider range of issues and become more prominent in the public eye. He also expressed disappointment that more ordinary members do not support the meetings and he singled out Steve Ormerod's excellent lecture on bird ringing which had justified a much larger audience. He then called on the secretary for his report of the year's proceedings.

SECRETARY'S REPORT. The secretary thanked the Chairman for his statement. He then reported that Mrs. I.M. Vaughan, the Society's Patron since 1978, had celebrated her 100th birthday on November 20th. The committee had sent a bouquet and birthday card and the event had been recorded in the Iast issue of the Newsletter. He echoed the Chairman's thanks to all officers and members of the society for their contribution during the year.

He then briefly described the Society's activities in 1989 which had included six indoor and seven outdoor meetings. Attendances had generally been reasonable though probably a slight drop in numbers over the meetings in 1988.

There had been two issues of the Newsletter during the year each of twenty pages. The Secretary thanked Messrs. R Hunt and I.K. Morgan for their regular contributions and appealed for more copy from other members, especially any of more popular interest, by the end of May for the next issue. He acknowledged that delays had been a particular problem and that there was some concern that some articles were too technical for much o4 the membership. Illustrations were a problem: he particularly thanked Mr. M. Lewis, a Llanelli ex-patriot and professional artist, for his portfolio of bird drawings which had become the backbone of material in recent issues but also appealed for other talented members for contributions.

The 1989 Llanelli Flower Show had had some shortfalls but had been a qualified success, largely due to the efforts of Dr. P.A. Jones and Mr. T.S. Crosby together with all the helpers on the stand. The event is a good shop-window for the Society although only £15 profit had been made. There is a need for more and better publicity material in time for the next show.

Local planning issues addressed by the Society during the year had included Pembrey Saltings, the Loughor Barrage, the South Llanelli Plan and Opencast.

He concluded by thanking Mr. J. Taylor who had agreed to fulfil the role of Publicity Agent for the Society and Mrs. E. Jones who is prepared to take on the task of Programme Secretary.

TREASURER'S REPORT. The Statement of Accounts was received and adopted and is presented below. The Society currently has 108 paying and 14 honorary members but some concern was expressed that some members always had to be chased for their subscriptions. The Secretary agreed that a note be placed in the Newsletter reminding members that prompt payment would be appreciated.


UPPER LLIEDI RESERVOIR (Mr. M.H. Williams). Nest-box breeding records for the Upper Reservoir were (1988 figures in brackets) 2 (1) Nuthatch, 5 (2) Pied Flycatcher, 13 (14) Blue Tit and 5 (2) Great Tit, 25 out of 29 boxes were occupied, none were vandalized. The Lower Reservoir had 2 (0) Nuthatch, 5 (4) Pied Flycatcher, 8 (12) Blue Tit and 2 (2) Great Tit, 17 out of 20 boxes were occupied. The Lower Reservoir Farm had 1 Pied Flycatcher and 1 Blue Tit, 2 out of 2 boxes were occupied and nearby Goitre Wen Farm in the Morlais valley had 2 (0) Nuthatch, 9 (4) Pied Flycatcher, 21 (17) Blue Tit and 2 (2) Great Tit, 34 out of 45 boxes were occupied. Mr. Williams continued by reporting on the major engineering works currently being carried out by the water authority in order to secure the dam. The effect on wildlife is likely to be considerable. STRADEY WOODS (Mr. I.K. Morgan) Mr. Morgan described the main areas of wildlife interest on the reserve for which the Society is very grateful to Mr. David Mansel-Lewis for permission of access, study and management. The rhos pasture which supports a good population of Cranberry is gradually being invaded by scrub and it was proposed that a work party be held in September in order to do some clearance work.

FACTORY ROAD, PEMBREY (Mr. F.H. Webb). The Bloody Cranesbill remains well established and flowered well but the Prostrate Toadflax was not seen. About three quarters of the damaged roadside fencing had been replaced but grazing would still not be possible should it be required as the site is not stock-proof. However, trampling and winnowing of the rank grass appears to be sufficient to allow the Cranesbill to maintain itself. FFRWD FEN (Mr. F.H. Webb). The Management Committee met four times during the year. The Marsh Pea continues to flourish especially at the marginal areas of the fen. A grant of £10000 had been received by Dyfed Wildlife Trust from British Coal Opencast via the World Wide Fund for Nature to finance the post of Carmarthenshire Reserves Officer. Miss Pippa Whitton was installed in August and one of her principal tasks was to be the writing of a management plan for the Ffrwd reserve. Grazing the fen to the required amount continues to be a problem and a new grazier is being sought. Mr. B. Stewart of the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust and the Nature Conservancy Council's Wales Field Unit carried out considerable recording work during the season and proved, for example, the breeding status of Cetti's Warblers and the presence of some rare fenland moth species.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE MEMBERS. The following were elected unopposed: Officers: Mrs. I.M. Vaughan    (Patron), I.K. Morgan (Chairman), R. Hunt (Vice-Chairman), R.D. Pryce (Secretary), Mrs. D. Hopkins (Treasurer), Committee members: Mrs. E. Jones (programme), Mrs. K. Cottingham (general), Dr. P.A. Jones (fungi) Messrs. F.H. Webb (Pembrey Saltings), A. Richardson (W.W.T.), J. Taylor (publicity), J.R. Ellis (birds), D.H. Williams (hedgerows etc).


Mrs. M. Williams requested that Mr. I.K. Morgan's concern over poor meeting attendances be publicised in the next Newsletter.

Mrs. M. Williams reported that there was to be a meeting, called by McAlpines, re the future of Carmel Woods in Pentregwenlais Hall on 15th February. In addition, Dr. N. Stringer will lead a walk to study the flora on 10th May at loam.

Mr. G.D.V. Glilliams suggested that the secretary should take-up Mr. D.R. Saunders', the Director of the Dyfed Wildlife Trust, offer of an illustrated talk to be given to the Llanelli Naturalists next winter.

Mr. G.D.V. Williams mentioned that the Ramblers were producing a guide to local walks and asked whether areas of natural-history interest as identified by members of the Llanelli Naturalists, could be appended. This was generally agreed by those present.

The meeting was followed by a short illustrated talk by Mr. I.K. Morgan on matters of topical interest, particularly related to the coastal and Machynys areas.